Saturday, May 30, 2009

more catching up spring break

A family tradition that we've kept for 3 years is to spend Spring Break in Utah. Our favorite place to ski is Alta! It's great! Mostly locals, small classes, great teachers and awesome powder.
Kennedy in class and Lauren and I on the slopes! She's a great skier! Fast and Furious(stay out of her way)! I witnessed her and Chase crashing this year and laughed until I cried. The kind of crash where feet and ski's and poles go flying.

Chase with his cousin Kade.
Notice Noel is not in these pictures? He was the brave one to carry my huge camera down the mountain. This is Kennedy at the top of the slope. Her first time down the mountain by herself. YEAH!!!!

While we were in Utah I was able to see my Aunt Di and Uncle Bob. My second parents!! Absolutely adore them!
My sweet friend Miriam from China. My cousin Tiff and her adorable family.


Brooke and Brett Martin said...

Utah is so beautiful. What a fun family tradition. I would move there in a second...
you look amazing. So beautiful. So teeny tiny.
I agree with your post below. I haven't been blogging much either. I will update, not as often, but I just don't spend much time on the computer. Life's just rollin by too fast and as you said...I've felt the overwhelming demands on being a mom lately. Just in survival mode at this point...
Hope all is well. And hopefully we'll run into you guys sooner than later. It's about time for that isn't it?

shawni said...

This looks so fun! Now you need to update again so I can keep up on your life from afar since I NEVER see you! (Well, except when I turn from old to older.) Love, Shawni